This one, from Matthew 21:28-32, is about how what we do is more important than what we say. It includes this reworked parable:

Jesus was controversial in his time - a fact that would lead to his death. Pastor Matt reworked the parable (from today's lectionary readings) to be sharp for us, like it was sharp originally. So, here is a modern version of Matthew 21:28-32 - this is a work of imagination, not intended to BE scriptural… simply imagining how it might speak sharply to us in our day:
Speaking to self-identified seriously religious people, the question is asked: “What do you think? God once told the people, ‘Love each other! Care about life!’”
"Some said, ‘I’m pro choice.’ But later went out and what they did helped bring life to many people.
"Some said, ‘I’m pro life!’ But later went out and what they did destroyed the lives of many people and left many others in danger.
“Which group did the will of God?”
They answered, “The first.”
“I assure you that many people you think are far from God are entering God’s kingdom ahead of you.”
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