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Reinterpreting Psalm 23

Today, Pastor Mary Beth gives a wonderful sermon and reinterpretation of the well known Psalm 23. There is incredible comfort in knowing we aren't alone in the face of suffering, p...

Significance Over Success

Pastor Mary Beth preaches an amazing first sermon for her first sermon today as lead Pastor. Today's sermon dives into the beheading of John The Baptist, a challenging scripture th...

Matt's Last Sermon

Not Matt's last sermon ever, probably, but his last one as the Lead pastor of Scottsdale First Church of the Nazarene. (Matt will still be around, still be a part of the church, bu...

12 Years of Danger

Lots of danger, lots of the number 12, some Death Cab, a bit of Gandalf, and very good news in the middle of it all. Part of this rethinks "healing" just a bit - part of it rethink...

The E Word

Pastor Mary Beth preaches a great sermon from Mark 4. 

Out of His Mind

Jesus' family and religious leaders accused Jesus of being out of his mind and possessed by evil. Pastor Mary Beth preaches a great sermon from a section of Mark 3. 

Born Again

What does being born again mean for people already in the faith, who already believe? 

Pentecost and Dancing

What even is Pentecost? In search of the (or an) answer, I explore the Trinity and our part it it. This might be one of my favorite sermons I have ever preached, at least conceptua...

Ascension Sunday 2021

This was our first Sunday back in person after more than a year. How the TRUTH of Christ's reign can help us regulate our own fear and reactivity. 

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