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Born Again

What does being born again mean for people already in the faith, who already believe? 

Pentecost and Dancing

What even is Pentecost? In search of the (or an) answer, I explore the Trinity and our part it it. This might be one of my favorite sermons I have ever preached, at least conceptua...

Ascension Sunday 2021

This was our first Sunday back in person after more than a year. How the TRUTH of Christ's reign can help us regulate our own fear and reactivity. 

Give Up Your Life?

What did Jesus mean when he said, "No one has greater love than to give up one’s life for one’s friends"? Pastor Mary Beth helps us understand this passage in ways we might not exp...

Today, the Third Sunday of Easter (April 18, 2021), we talk about ghosts, spirits, and bodies while looking at Luke 24. 

Pastor Mary Beth preaches a wonderful Resurrection Sunday sermon from John 20:1-18. 

Palm Sunday & Violence

Palm Sunday exposes our love of violence. 

The One About The Law

Pastor Mary Beth preaches about THE LAW from Psalm 119:9-16. 

The One About Letting Go

Guest preacher, pastor Jasmine Brenneman, preaches a great sermon from Romans 10:5-15 about what we hold on to and when we should let go. You won't believe it, but this was her fir...

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